John Long

Paul Reynolds

John Leadbeatter

Carole Speight

Mike Chambers

Rosemary Wilman

Derry Wilman

Derek Baker

Tony Troman

Elizabeth Hilton

Allen Lloyd

Ian Lyons

David Rayers

Animal Tracks, Mammoth, Yellowstone


Barber's Shop in Nevada City Ghost Town, Montana


Car Interior in a Scrapyard


Caravan in a Scrapyard




Frozen Car, Rear Light


Irrigation Device


Jackson Airport Worker


Lenticular Cloud over the Tetons, Wyoming


Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone


Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone


Mule Deer, Wyoming


National Elk Refuge, Wyoming


Snowstorm Whiteout


Sunrays at Mammoth, Yellowstone


The Gate is Open


Tree with Icicles


Wolf's Portrait


Woodrush Road


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